Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hello everyone! This is NaD. Just a short note here. I’d like to say sorry to a few customer who regularly make orders thru me like Kak Lynn, Nana (to name a few) for not attending u guys promptly. I’ve been bz for these past few weeks with wedding preparation and worst, I’ve moved to Taman Melati, meaning that im not staying with Wansu anymore =( It’s kinda difficult for us to synchronized our schedule when not staying under the same roof. Kesian Wansu kena bake cake sorang2. (Dun worry sistah, I’ll give my helping hands whenever u need it yeah? Hehe)

So in order to get a fast reply, it is advisable for u to directly contact Wansu, for cupcake orders. U may contact her thru her mobile or by adding her in YM (number and ID stated at the sidebar). However, u may always contact me for any enquiries, im ready to help =) Have a good day everyone and keep supporting Cuppylicious Cupcake!



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