Friday, August 29, 2008

Red and White Swirls

This one ordered by NaD's fren, Mamaket. She wanted red and white swirls and asked us to make it look delicious. So we added some fresh fruit topping. Aren't they just look delicious? Enjoy your cuppies, Mamaket! :)

this is before we put the fruit topping.



it sure does yummy.. xsempat nak tunggu department party dah kena cukai dulu dek budak2 ni.

definately next round masa party kanak2 ribena tu nanti.. i mean my own kanak2 ribena yg kat umah tu lah.. :p


hehe..thanx mamaket. we glad u like it. :D

sue cipot

nyum2.. nampak pon sodap.. mamaket napa ai xdpt satu ketol pon nie? nak majuk lah cm ni

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